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Whilst you may be able to recover any losses that you suffer as a result of your tenant damaging your property or failing to provide you with rent, claiming what you are owed from these individuals can prove difficult and it is advisable that you obtain the additional safety afforded to you through a Guarantor Form as a result.

With a Guarantor Form you have the added security of knowing that it is not only your tenant but also another individual – such as your tenant’s friend or relative – that is liable for any loss that you may suffer, thus enabling you to claim any losses that you suffer as a result of your tenant’s action from this individual providing you with greater confidence and peace of mindand all for just £4.99!

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What our clients say

Peter Emmi, Croydon
Very straight forward, easy to use and quick. Couldn't ask for more.
Eric Barter, Durham
I was letting out to students, which is never easy. One of the tenants stopped paying his rent because he had run out of money. I threatened to kick him out but I didn't have a leg to stand on - the contract I had drawn up was not worth the paper it was written on.