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A Lodger Agreement is a written or verbal agreement between a resident landlord and the lodger(s) that also live in their property. Whilst there is no legal requirement for you to obtain such an agreement and renting a room in a property within which you reside is simpler than renting out an entire property, it is still advisable that you obtain a Lodger Agreement which specifies:

  • The duration of the let (how long your lodger will be entitled to reside in the relevant room);
  • How much rent is payable and the frequency of these payments;
  • Details of any deposits that are to be collected;
  • An inventory of the items present within the relevant room and their condition; and
  • Any additional services that the landlord may provide to their lodger(s) such as cleaning.

Failing to obtain such an agreement can cause significant problems, and lead to you accruing unnecessary legal costs, in the event of a dispute. Fortunately, with a concise, clearly written and binding Lodger Agreement you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you’re covered in the event of a dispute between yourself and your lodger(s) - and all for just £9.99!

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What our clients say

Steven Fowler, Worcester
My tenants at the moment are lovely people but they do like their TV and stereo to be played at ridiculous levels. Now that I have a proper Agreement, conducted by yourselves, I have the authority to do something about it... and I am sure the neighbours will appreciate it.
Karl Davies, Reading
I had a group of girls living in my house last year and they kept the place so nice I didn't want them to move out. I had no trouble with them at all. I thought it was only sensible to get a professional Tenancy Agreement when my new tenants were a bunch of boys.